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Janto, the Unsung Hero

L-R: Soman Lubis, Bhagu Ramchand, Sammy Zakaria, Janto Diablo, Benny Soebardja

L-R: Soman Lubis, Bhagu Ramchand, Sammy Zakaria, Janto Diablo, Benny Soebardja

Janto Diablo just added me as a friend on facebook and we had a short chat afterwards. And my heart leapt up. He sang lead on two songs, shared vocal duties on two more songs, played bass and flute and provided backing vocals in Shark Move’s only album, Ghede Chokra’s, released in perhaps 1970 or 1971. His outstanding contribution to the album is often overshadowed by the fact that the band was directed by prog luminary Benny Soebardja, who would go on to break new grounds and scored longer success with the proto-prog-metal outfit Giant Step.

The songs that he sang, the bluesy and improvisational “Harga” (in which Janto also played a wicked flute solo) and the anti-drug song (!) “Madat” are perhaps two of the best rock ballads ever to grace my life. The bass guitar riff and solo of “Evil War” will be forever etched in my mind. His high-pitched, bluesy vocal work is tinged here and there with Sundanese intonation and inflection, making his voice all the more unique.

Janto Diablo (born Janto Suprapto) hailed from Bandung and has been living in the city ever since. He started his career in music in the 1960s. Later in the decade, Janto formed and performed with Diablo, a rather tenacious yet short-lived rock band. Shortly thereafter, he became known as Janto Diablo. The nickname was carried over to his next band, Shark Move, after Diablo folded in early 1970. Shark Move folded too only over a year later, after some of the members left, including keyboardist Soman Lubis who later joined aspiring God Bless. Benny Soebardja eventually called it a day for the band and moved on to form Giant Step. After Shark Move, Janto was involved in a number of musical projects before settling on working for Aktuil production house, as well as having a long backstage career as a stage manager and later as a concert promoter. One of the concerts that he managed early in his career was the bustling Deep Purple Concert in 1975 in Istora Senayan, Jakarta.

35 years after they called it quits, Shark Move reunited in a tribute to the late Gito Rollies, former lead singer of fellow Bandung band The Rollies and a legendary artist on his own right. Shark Move went on to perform in a full-scale reunion concert, titled Shark on the Move (a reference to Giant Step’s album, Giant on the Move, and the fact that the reunion featured also several songs by Giant Step) featuring a fixed Shark Move line-up along with performances from former Giant Step members and Benny Soebardja’s sons playing an expanded repertoire of Shark Move and Giant Step songs. Shark Move still performs occasionally up to this day with revolving line-ups, with Benny and Janto as the mainstays. Amazingly, Janto’s voice has changed very little after more than forty years. He still sings “Madat” with the same bravado found in Ghede Chokra’s:

Kini telah kuniatkan

Persetan dengan goda dan rintangan

Segala omong kosong tentang kasih dan sayang

Persetan dengan cinta dan perdamaian

‘Kan kuserbu musuh biar seribu

‘Kan kubunuh, ‘kan kubunuh, ‘kan kubunuh…